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Concrete Formwork

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Specialised Concreting Group is a leading provider of A+ rated residential, commercial & industrial projects with top tier Concrete Formwork demonstrated consistently in Sydney, NSW.

Concrete Framework Services Sydney

Concrete Formwork is simply put, the frame or mould that houses wet concrete in place while it sets. The two main types of Formwork – temporary and permanent. Temporary Formwork is a reusable Formwork that is removed from around the concrete once it is set. It is commonly made from materials like timber, steel, plywood or plastic. Permanent Formwork is Formwork that stays in place and is never removed and an excellent example of this is Insulated Concrete Forms. The combination of the foam and the concrete provides excellent thermal insulation.

Quality Control

We enhance our value in the industry by implementing proprietary QC mechanisms to ensure the best result possible every project.

Highly Professional Tradesmen

Every member of our team has years of experience and is fully qualified & licensed to be carrying out your new concreting project.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No one wants to do business with people who have a track record of not caring about the clients outcome, our reputation is everything.

No BS Hidden Fees

In Australian slang, we'd call ourselves 'fair dinkum', nothing but transparent, honest & easy to understand quotes or pricing.

How We Get The Job Done

Our team has a combined twenty years of industry experience and during that time, we’ve become a renowned expert in Residential Concrete Formwork as well as Commercial Concrete Formwork. We work closely with all our clients no matter how big or small to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

Common Questions We Receive

The implementation of Concrete Formwork depends on a variety of factors that include where the Foundation is to be laid, as well as obviously the overall purpose of the Foundation itself.
With any physical project to the degree of involving concrete, especially as it is permanent(...kind of), a contract must be reviewed and agreed upon before we begin any work.
We generally take a deposit and then the remaining balance of the quote on completion of the job. In some circumstances, payment methods/options outside of our normal process may be considered.
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Concrete Services Sydney
Concrete Services Sydney
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